Skin Care
Alomoist contains fresh juice of Aloe vera. Which moisturizes the skin by enhancing the water retention capacity of the skin. It helps to prevent aging of skin. It’s cleansing action helps to reduce black circles, hyper pigmentation, Black and white spots. It also useful on burns and cuts. It’s moisturizing effect protects the skin at all times against effect of wind, dirt, pollution, Cold breeze, exposure to sun and ultra-violet rays. It gets easily absorbed making skin smooth and soft. Apply twice a day with gentle massage.
It contains variety of natural herbal agents, well known for beneficial effects on skin like chandan, Gulab for cooling and soothing; chandan, Haldi, Raktachandan as antiseptic for skin irruption & infections; Anantmul maintains skin tone & reduces wrinkles. Apply athin layer on the face and neck (except near the eyes). Relax for 10/15 minutes and wash off with fresh water.
This pack is prepared for treatment of pimples. It contains Herbs like Neem, Tulsi, Chandan, in two TSF powder add three to four TSF water. Make paste and apply it on face. Allow it to dry. Then wash with water.
Herbal scrubber made up of walnut and other pure herbs for cleansing. It removes excessive oil, dust, and dead skin. It reduces blackheads and marks on neck due to ornaments. After using SCRAVON no need to use a soap. Apply on face, gently scrub with rotary movements and wash it off with plain water.
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